Monday, 12 July 2010

Renewable Energy

To ease us in, our first topic is renewable energy.

Our first two points are some background information, worth looking at.

1. TED talk
An excellent debate about nuclear energy versus renewable energy. Both sides are covered very well and make surprising and interesting points. Courtesy of TED.

2. Greenpeace - Energy [R]evolution
Greenpeace has just published 'Energy [R]evolution', an optimistic outlook on sustainable world energy. The summary is an encouraging read. It details how the shift from coal and oil to renewables should be achieved. You can download a copy of the report summary here: there's some nice photos in it too.

3. Windmill maker
Hugh Piggott is an inspirational man living in a wind powered community in North-West Scotland. He teaches people how to make their own wind turbines from recycled materials.

For those of us who don't live in a solitary house on a windy hill, more's the pity, here are some ways you can support existing projects.

4. Pro wind farm petitions/groups
According to polls, 7 out of 10 people support wind farms. It is important to voice this 'silent majority'. These sites have a map showing all wind farms in the different stages of planning, and allow you to lobby your MP in favour of wind farms in your area.

5. Solar
This charity is trying to bypass the dirty fuel stage for developing countries, by promoting solar energy. They teach people to convert their kerosene lamps into solar lamps. The short video shows how such a simple invention could change a continent. You can donate or volunteer: amongst other things, they are asking for graphic designers. A project worth getting into.

Finally a quick and easy petition to get solar on Houses of Parliament

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  1. Good post!

    I have nothing useful to add except that Hugh Piggott is a great name, which makes him a double legend.