Wednesday, 21 July 2010


There are millions of things you can do in the comfort of your home to improve your energy consumption. Most of them are easy peasy small actions.

1. Easy

As overpopulation is an enormous growing problem, the easiest way to cut your carbon emitions is to restrain from having children.

In fact, a couple that has two children instead of three could cut their family's climate impact by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York. (source BBC website's reporting of research by the Optimum Population Trust)

2. Kitchen

To put lids on pans - which also keeps all the nice foody aromas in
To use the right pan size for the amount and the right hob size for the pan

Each minute a fridge door is left open takes three minutes to cool back down again- so don't leave it open long

3. Computers

People always say it takes more energy turning off and on again than leaving computers in standby. In actual fact I've found that unless you're going to use your computer within 24 hours then it's best to turn it off, but if you are then it's best to put it on standby or hibernation.

4. Energy monitor

You can buy an energy monitor which shows you how much electricity you are using in your home, and which things are using the most. The link below is to an ethical shop which sells several varieties.

5. Green tariffs

You can get all your electricity from renewable sources. For not too much more than a regular tariff. On this site you can put your postcode and estimated energy use (if you know it) and find out the price of a tariff in your area. It's interesting to see exactly how much of each company's supply comes from renewables - and nuclear.

6. Carbon Zero House

This inspiring couple in Scotland have made their lives carbon neutral. They are pioneers and people come from far and wide to see how they have successfully made a carbon neutral house from scratch.

7. Local Carbon Budgets

Around 80 per cent of the UK's emissions are from local activity.
Here is a petition to ask you MP to support the move to make every local council to have a local carbon budget to cap CO2 emissions in every council area.

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